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I was born and bred in the countryside and feel I understand country life, and the wildlife that lives within it. During my school days art and sculpture were my main interests, combining these and my passion for wildlife I felt taxidermy was worth looking into. Whilst a teenager I read several books on this ancient art form. I tried it but admittedly with little success. Being eager to improve my hobby I joined the Guild of Taxidermists which gave me the confidence to improve. It then developed into a small business. That was nearly 25 years ago, and for the past 20 years I’ve provided a full taxidermy service mounting birds, mammals and fish from my studio in the redundant village church of Claxby St Andrew.

Work comes in from far and wide whether it be from schools, museums or private collectors. There is no set method to taxidermy which means I’m always trying variations on my technique to strive for perfection.

William Hales Taxidermistredundant village church of Claxby St Andrew

William Hales Claxby Lodge,

Claxby St. Andrew, Alford
Lincolnshire LN13 0HL ...

Tel: 01 507 - 462 864

Mobile : 0795 722 7899

Email: info@williamhalestaxidermist.co.uk

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Established 1984.

Birds, Mammals & Fish modelled to a high standard.

Renovation work undertaken.

Cases & Domes supplied.

Member of the Guild of Taxidermists.