William Hales Taxidermist                                              

Taxidermy in Lincolnshire



The job that you did on the pair of Kingfishers was superb. So colourful and amazingly lifelike.

And that you caught a minnow to put in one of their beaks rounded off an admirable presentation.

Sad that they flew into the patio's glass surround and died but at least their beauty is preserved.

Thank you, David.




I was extremely happy with the outcome of my buck with precise intricacy throughout the full head and neck. Everyone I have shown has been impressed with the piece of work. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the future. I believe that the final product is going to last as long as my memories and more".




Our large bird display, which takes centre stage in one of the galleries in

Louth Museum, was put together by William Hales more than a decade ago. 

It houses several birds including a golden eagle and others dating from early

Victorian times.  This display is strikingly handsome, featuring the specimens

in realistic poses and is a great testimony to William's talents.   More recently

in early 2016 William cleaned and conserved the large bird display and also a

Victorian cabinet housing a Great Bustard and Little Bustard, both suffering from

moth damage.




I wanted a taxidermist and William was recommended. I am amazed at how my salmon has come out. It was done in a traditional but 'life-like' pose which looks amazing from a distance and yet stands scrutiny from any angle when seen close up. I look upon it as a work of art. Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but visiting William's studio to pick up the salmon was a real insight. There were many half finished projects being worked on and it underlined what a highly skilled art form 'taxidermy' is, and how lucky I was that William was recommended to me.





Queenie the Badger is great, she's very observant and just loves sitting at my desk appearing to be in charge - but you know that from when she was watching TV with you and your dog!  She's certainly a talking point, especially with people who don't have their own stuffed badger.






"I am absolutely over the moon with my pheasant! The quality

of work is completely unrivalled and really captures the

essence of the bird. This particular project was very important

to me being both the first game bird of my shooting career as

well as my first piece taxidermy – I couldn’t have asked for

a better job. Such a beautiful piece

and I cannot recommend highly enough."